Adnan Syed and Serial: What you need to know

Adnan Syed happens to be cleared of fees into the 1999 murder of their ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, after new DNA evidence emerged in the event.

The Baltimore state’s lawyer’s workplace stated a research that is yearlong Syed was wrongfully convicted of strangling and killing Lee, and that brand new DNA tests revealed he had been not involved in Lee’s death.

Syed maintained his innocence while in jail for pretty much 25 years. But his situation won a good start that is massive an not likely supply – a podcast.

What’s Serial when did it come out?

More than a ten years after Syed ended up being delivered to prison, Rabia Chaudry, legal counsel that is baltimore-based family buddy for the Syeds, emailed a journalist named Sarah Koenig and asked her to re-investigate Lee’s murder.

That e-mail helped launch the summer season that is first of podcast Serial. The show premiered in autumn 2014 and every episode tried to piece together a schedule of exactly what happened the Lee ended up being killed evening.

Who killed Hae Min Lee?

This is the appropriate concern at the heart of Serial.

“for the past year i have invested every day time trying to puzzle out in which a senior high school kid had been for the hour after school 1 day in 1999,” Ms Koenig claims into the episode that is first.

Just now, the “kids” she interviewed were adults plus some of the tales had changed.

As each episode revealed details being brand new and possible brand new suspects – internet sleuths and armchair detectives sprang into action and argued their theories on social media.

Within months, the chatter around Syed’s case would eventually assist him win a trial that is brand new.

That are one other suspects?

Within an episode of Serial released after Syed’s conviction ended up being overturned, Koenig lays down why the full case ended up being thrown out. She says their lawyers argued evidence that is brand new emerged showing that through the original test prosecutors didn’t investigate and rule out two prospective suspects have been known to detectives during the time. Syed’s solicitors also questioned the dependability of witness statements and phone that is mobile originally used to convict him.

A judge overturned and consented Syed’s conviction. Hawaii’s lawyer’s workplace later cleared Syed of all of the costs on such basis as that evidence that is new in addition to multiple rounds of DNA assessment that revealed Syed’s DNA had not been present on any of the victims’ clothing. “As a representative of this organization, it’s my responsibility to acknowledge and apologise towards the family of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed,” said Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Why was the show so popular?

Serial helped ignite the appeal of podcasts. Ms Koenig’s signature movement that is confessional plus the true criminal activity topic, kept audience going back – and downloading – the show every week.

The season that is first of has been downloaded more than 300m times therefore the show is commonly cited among the most widely used podcasts on earth.

Though subsequent periods regarding the show were less popular, in many ways, Ms Koenig and her team helped produce the formula for the “bingeable” podcast.

But achieved it really help Syed?

In 2015, Syed ended up being given a trial that is brand new, in part, on new proof uncovered while making Serial.

However a judge also denied his request bail. He remained imprisoned for years as their legal group argued for a trial that is brand new attempted to appeal against their conviction all of the way towards the Supreme Court.

In 2019, HBO premiered a four-part series that is documentary by Ms Chaudry called the scenario Against Adnan Syed.

The show argued that Syed, who is Muslim, was convicted, in part, because of racial bias.

It eventually revealed that forensic analyses had found no trace of his DNA on Lee’s human body during the right time of the murder.

Think about Lee and her family members?

The Lee family refused to be involved in Serial, and contains constantly maintained syed was rightfully convicted and justice ended up being served through the initial trial which they believe.

The family told reporters that the podcast had “reopened wounds few can imagine”, according to the Baltimore Sun in 2016, whenever Syed was granted a fresh trial. They also stated they thought people was misinformed by the podcast and regretted that “so few [were] willing to talk up for Hae”.

The target’s sibling, made an emotional plea ahead of the court on behalf of the household prior to the judge ruled on Monday, younger Lee.

“It is not a podcast for me. This is certainly life that is real a never-ending nightmare for 20-plus years.”

What’s next?

Now that charges against Syed were fallen, his solicitors will start the method to formally have him exonerated.

In Maryland, whoever has been wrongfully convicted can also be eligible for payment for each these were imprisoned 12 months.

Though Syed was cleared of murder, questions nevertheless remain around who killed the Hae Min Lee.

Prosecutors have actually indicated they will have perhaps identified suspects which are brand new nevertheless, no-one was charged.

The decision to re-open her murder case could expose old wounds for the grieving Lee family member

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