Nike raises eyebrows with model’s unshaven armpit

One of Nike’s social media posts has drawn attention not for the sportswear on display – however for the model’s human body hair.

The image that is latest on its Nike Women Instagram page shows model and singer Annahstasia Enuke posing with her arm behind her mind, revealing handful of underarm locks.

Nike captioned the post ‘Big Mood’, however the reviews expose that some individuals were left in a mood that is bad seeing the post.

”That’s disgusting. Like please don’t get me personally wrong I’m delighted that this woman is brave enough to go around like this….. but that’s horrible. It is not sweet,” read one Instagram remark.

Another posted: ”Why? Need to shave that armpit..eeew.”

”Women who’re empowering hair that is armpit good luck finding a man accepting it,” posted another Instagram user.

The remarks provoked a countertop response that is furious.

‘It’s about time we stop women which are pretending created hairless and smooth and stay that way.”

”Why can it be acceptable for men to have body locks but not women? Stay girls that are strong! Love yourself simply the real way you are,” commented another Instagram user.

Some noticed that Nike had been well mindful the post would attract attention.

This past year the brand nameis just Do It campaign NFL that is starring player Kaepernick attracted debate amid the “take the knee” movement.

However the company’s leader admitted the campaign had sparked “record” engagement and was sales which are driving.

”Whoever could be the imaginative and marketing group at Nike you simply down did your self,” posted one Instagram individual.

Annahstasia by herself does not seem to be fazed by the commentary.

On she posted a graphic of the newspaper article concerning the photo to her Instagram tale and remarked, ”wow, still cackling” thursday.

Conversations in what it is to be always a woman continues to provoke debate, as more and more organizations which are big to challenge sex norms.

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