Patient’s last wish granted as Tom Hardy calls

A lady who stated her wish that is last was meet Tom Hardy was rewarded by having a video call from her hero after having a social networking appeal.

Superfan Jo-Anne Shaw, who’s end-of-life that is getting at Myton Hospice in Warwick, told staff that was the one thing she imagined.

An appeal is placed by them on social networking plus the star reacted on Instagram saying: “Be my pleasure.”

He video-called her on and Mrs Shaw said: “he’s got made my time. friday”

“He put me personally on a pedestal for a day and that’s all I am able to require,” the told that is 58-year-old CWR.

The mum-of-two, who has cancer tumors, is this type of huge fan for the Peaky Blinders celebrity that her friend even sent her a cardboard that is life-sized associated with the star as present in the place of flowers.

The grandmother-of-three said: “I’m so excited, he spoke if you ask me as if he’s a pal.

“I’m this kind of fan that is big of, i have watched all their movies and boxsets particularly during lockdown. He could be loved by me personally to bits.”

The star told Ms Shaw she was a “very popular lady”.

She added: “we have not been perfectly for some time now, but he put me personally for a pedestal for a and that’s all I can request. day”

A spokesperson for the hospice posted on Facebook: “we have been amazed by Tom’s help and kindness.

“Jo-Anne and her family cannot enough thank you for making this happen,” they told followers.

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