Plane crashed in Fife after cockpit burst open mid-flight

A light aircraft crashed in a industry in Fife as a result of its cockpit burst mid-flight that is open according to a study into the accident.

An atmosphere crash report stated the pilot that is 70-year-old “an almighty bang and fun of atmosphere struck him, blowing down his headset”.

The person experienced “significant handling difficulties” but survived the crash with minor injuries.

August the pilot produced crash landing in to a industry near Kinglassie on 1.

The aircraft’s fuselage, wings, propeller, canopy and undercarriage had been damaged through the landing.

An Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report stated: “The pilot figured the absolute most likely cause of the canopy opening in trip was an object fouling the canopy that is right system when the canopy had been closed for flight, therefore leaving it insecure.”

Witness David McKay, of car distribution company Fife Vehicle Transport, had been driving on the outskirts of Kinglassie once the aircraft had been seen by him in trouble.

He explained: “It was perfectly within the part of my attention, we saw this plane perform a somersault and I told the boys I became with nevertheless they simply looked if I happened to be daft at me personally as.

“We surely got to the conclusion of Kinglassie and here into the field was this plane that is silver. We bumped the kerb and drove within the field and by the best time we got there the guy was away, a bit shaken but seemed fine.

“He said the cockpit had exposed throughout the flight and he’d been trying to shut it before he crashed. It’s a miracle he’s strolled far from that.”

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